Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Romance is a beautiful feeling especially in the teenage. What i should say about my romance?The moment Mr X touch my hand, hug and whispered in my ears.."you are very beautiful..". The huge adrenaline rush..each and every part of body thrilled to say something.. I tried to gallop away from him. But the muscular body melted my resistance and the first kiss..on my lips. My aunty used to say " Roma, you look like a grown up girl" I didnt understand what she exactly mean, till Mr X wrote the meaning of those lines in my body.I was just crossed my 14th birthday on the day before.


I am quite surprised by the fact that people are killing themselves by the name of GOD, RELEGION, LANGUAGE or some other reasons. Where we can find extreme happiness and peace? No way to know. Im still waiting for a world where the houses have no locks, no boundaries, no lies, no crimes and no clothes even...