Monday, November 30, 2009


Most of young beauties try their luck in modelling and fashion ramps. Some gets a big boost, while others are not. I was not much interested in Fashion untill attending a discussion in College. The Fashion Agency had a Campus Recruitment and I too participated in that. More than 150 participants, finally I was placed in Rank Number 19. Something to cheer for a junior, isn't it?

The second stage was Career development workshop, where a lot of tips were shared by the Agency people and fellow models. My friend Namita was also with me, so felt everything like a small Picnic.

They had some photoshoots in the afternoon. The selected 20 girls were taken to individual rooms, where they will be absorbing some makeup powder even to stomach.

My breath began high when I saw an old  guy waiting for me in the room. even though all rooms have half doors, but what is happening inside was totally hidden.

He gave me PreGown to wear and I wore it in the changing room, keeping all my clothes in the cupboard.

I felt shy, as some of my secret parts trying to show through the transparent parts of the gown.

The Old chap started his tour. His long fingers over my face and hair was quite okay. But things went bad when he start putting some shaping cream over one of my secret place.I was feeling different when his fingers squeezed the hills many times. I was shivering inside that what will happen, if those fingers slip to some deep valleys. ( even desired to get that ). He took almost one hour to finish. But by the time, my whole body was swimming in deep pleasure.

Photoshoot was excellent. One of my ideas about men was totally vanished. My beleif was that men will cry for mating when ever they see a girl in birthsuits.

But I saw, the photographer, director, and even lightboys, not looking to the modelling girls eventhough most of our dress were partly out of order.

They were concenterating to their job, a dedicated approach.

Mr K, so called GODFATHER of Models, came there greeted some of us and the important thing is that, he gave me his visiting card to call him up. Yes Iam going to Visit him next month. I willnot tell you the exact date of the apponitment.
But Guess it, its the day after his Paris tour.


samdaddycool said...

Sounds exciting! You are going to be a supermodel one day.. all the best

Me said...

Thankyou Sam, thanx for your wishes

samdaddycool said...

Don't forget to upload the photos when you are popular ... :)

Suman said...


Sakshi said...

Sure sam , i will, thank you Suman for your comment

Sakshi said...

Sure sam , i will, thank you Suman for your comment. But some times good pics are copyrighted may be i will post some secondary pics only