Sunday, November 22, 2009


I appreciate and thank all bloggers who gave me some suggestions in the current crisis. The decision is to seperate our friendship forever as per  mutual agreement.The decision was much painful, but I want to lead a good family life with a husband, three or more children like that. When I said my decision, she cried a lot. I sat with her, consoling on her arms. Every drop fell down look like a big ocean of love.I murmered in her ears, today the last day and will be an unforgettable one.

Pin drop silence emerged after heavy rain and storm on bed. I gave full attention to make her happy in all my moves.We were becoming one. Her storm of passion took me to the wild plains of pleasure. There was no pain on the road to heaven.
I left the hostel room early morning without waking her. Before leaving, I took good video of those beauty curves in my mobile. ( I swear,  didn't copy her face) May be I can enjoy her in my loneliness....

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