Thursday, November 5, 2009


have you ever think about the first day you received your first kiss? I wonder how I received it on my lips. ( I was very orthodox about relations) May be the hormonal play..or the gift of GOD? I wondered how the nose bend themsleves when a boy kiss a girl. The wonder end when Mr X was with me , there in that room. I still remember,. it was raining outside, the breeze ,,eventhough cool but felt very hot for me. When he spelt the word kiss on my ears , the softness felt till it ends. Nice experince, what do u say? share with me

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Anonymous said...

Mine came when it was least expected. Raining. In my college. We took shelter under a building. I held her close to my body. We both could feel ourselves. We were talking, and slowly our voices lowered and the distances disappeared. And suddenly I felt the softest lips touching mine. It was very hot, forbidden(as we were in the college and hiding).
You know...the first kiss was weird and confusing. I wanted the softness and love (so wanted to go smooth), but the lust was overtaking (so wanted to go just wild).....