Saturday, November 7, 2009


Yesterday I had a visit to my Aunty's house. The most funniest thing is that, the name of Villa is " Pleasure ''. Interesting isn't it? I asked her,
" Aunty, Do u get real pleasure from here"?
I asked that question just to tease her. But with a great small smile, she defenced herself and said, " Yes"

"OOps, thats a big lie", I was not going to leave her like that
She then took me to nook and corner of that house. Eventhough I visited that place before many times, I felt something different. Actually I am a regular visitor from the 25th marriage anniversary celebration of that sweet couple. Two years back, Uncle died in a massive heart attack.

While showing each room in that Villa, Auntys eyes glowed whenever she said a glorious incident happened in that room. I myself felt shy when she explained the sweet memories of their Honeymoon.

Do we get similar experience in our life? I thought about that for a while. Is their attachment is true?
What was the basic element that bind them so strong?

Atlast I found the fundamental thread between their relationship. That was nothing but a successfull married life, I mean, a dedicated bed life.

I was noticing the Khajuraho paintings in the bedroom for the first time. The painting and some coolness in the master bedroom...No chance for any couple to fight inside that room.

Aunty showed uncles collection of "mood elevators", as she say. I was surprised seeing those magazines, Cd collections etc.
When I was going back to home, mind was like a stormy sea. The blue rays over the sea said,, hooy,, this is life, enjoy before it melts


Blooges said...

saya Agak terkejut melihat fotonya serem juga ya..., soryy my english speaking is not good, so i write with indonesian language. thanks

Drew said...

Well, as long as the "mood elevators" weren't anything that might cause a person to end up in drug rehab, I guess your uncle's okay.