Thursday, November 5, 2009


At first I thought not to share this experience with you. But my aim is to educate some people who doesn't know how to love  and care women.
The night before the FAREWELL PARTY, near to stage , we were preparing for the party next day. The entire gang consisted of 23 girls and 8 boys. Several paintings were hanged in allw alls, balloons, funny items etc were arranged all over the stage. Many of us were working so hard for the past few days. Almost all arrangemenst were made. The college principal also came and inspected everything and left the place.
I went to the Greenroom to change my dress. The moment I close the door, lights went off. There was darkness everywhere because nobody expected this at this late night. The alternative generator was quite far away and it will take another 15 minutes to make it ready.
Immediately that happened.
One hand covered my mouth and another three hands clinched me from rear and front. I was shocked with this sudden act.I felt fear and hatred with this act. Some one was murmering near to my ear, that you are very beautiful. Everything finished when i start biting one of that ugly hands. The culprits disappeared before I scream loudly. Later, I found my skirt back from the floor when the,  lights came back.

I felt this as a great insult to me. I didnt complain to the authorities just because that it will defame me only. 
I felt very sad, more than that my anger was pouring out as drops.

Why I write it here, because Im sure those culprits will read this because they are following me for last 3 years. I pity on them. If they approach me directly, may be I would select one of them to share my love. Now, they lost the chance. Not only they, may be all men in this world.


Crazyhorse said...

You have a great blog! Keep it up! Make the full use of meta tags (keywords)

Keep it up darling!

pawan said...

Is it for real or is it fiction?

Whatever it is, good work, but c=please do check your post for grammatical mistakes and typos!