Wednesday, December 23, 2009


People keep on asking me whether there is sexual abuse in the world of modelling. I say yes because of some strange experiences of me and my friends. One more factor is that if anyone had to come up with good reputation , offers and money, had to bend little bit and suffer such crimes.

Anand Jon Alexander, known professionally as Anand Jon, was sentenced to 59 years in prison, having been found guilty, including sexual abuse. He was accused for raping models who worked for him, some of whom were only 14 at the time.

This usually happens in all fields. Either the producer or the photographer or director and sometimes even makeup man abuses models in different ways. I have seen a model running away from "Greenroom" when the makeup man tried to use his fingers in a different way.
Usually after Photoshoots, models had to share some time with the directors to ensure their next contract. Fashion designers usually catch models while trying new designs. All models had to be cloth less in front of them if you want to come up asa good models.
Just think when popular photo shoots are away from your own country. Its just making sure that the model will stay with the director or who ever want so.

So, girls, beware...MODELLING is not EVERYONES CUP OF TEA


samdaddycool said...

Too dangerous for young girls to get involved with this kind of unwanted situation.

gurmeet said...

Hi, Sakshi, pretty interesting post. Just linked to it-

I noticed that you did not mention your own experiences.

Sowmya said...

What if any action has been taken against such people?

Sakhshi said...

Thats true, normally any action taken against such people are not coming out to public..mostly settling out of the court...It men view women as exploitable pieces