Saturday, October 30, 2010


A case was brought into our counselling clinic by one of the famous Orthopaedic Surgeon in Town. The girl is a distant relative of him and the parents were complaining about lack of concentration in studies. We three psychology students had several sessions to explore her problem in detail. Our idea was quite simple. She just crossed 15 years and one of us had to make a deep friendship with her to find the ways to identify her problem. I was told by my superior to be with her off school time. I spent some time with her, without showing that I am a clinical psychology student.
The matter went quite interestingly and first week was quite hope less for me.
I failed to find any boyfriend linking to her, or any sort of deviations in her personal life. Once she go to sleep, I come back to my room and spent hours to identify any clue from her side.
The second week I noticed that her eyes got black colour around, which may probably due to lack of sleep. When I discussed about this with her, then she shout back to me saying that she is having enough sleep. Now, my doubt went to her personal laptop, which she didn't opened in front of me during last few days. When she was in bath room, I opened it and installed a typing detector software. The typing detecting software gave a bundle of details to my email, every week , which clearly showed that she have some relation with a guy who is not in her age, sex and country. He was a computer professional, aged 35 from united states and was chatting with her for a long time. When everybody sleep, that time they chat with each other,and share everything.
They pretend as husband and wife, married through internet. Their cam is active till both of get sufficient pleasure. the duration of chat is almost one hour, depending upon her self pleasure time. 
While going through those chatting details, I have found another shocking truth that, she keep another two or three guys at the same time for the chat game. If her friend exit quickly she move to other guys with open cam. The second shock came to me, when I read the lines that she was typing. The way she treats the male organs was quite unexpected.  She got such an experience in chat that, most boys exit the chat within the first  five or ten minutes after getting pleasured out.
How we saved her from Chat addiction?
The real cause for such a chat addiction was her loneliness. Parents were busy with their job and she was struggling to find a way out of her loneliness. Chatting was quite easy for her to make friends, and one of them  played the concept of "INTERNET MARRIAGE" with her. More details were revealed in her second session of hypnotism. 
We did one counselling to her parents. Later a friendly session for her too. Three months later, we got an email from her that she stopped chatting with others completely. Her voice was very bright and she felt much comfort with the support from her parents.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


During my fashion and modelling career, I faced big issues with the size of my breasts. As you know, the industry likes the one with minimal sizes. They hate unusally bigger ones. Before I was signing my 6 months contract with one of the major fashion school in the Town, I was forced to attend a screening test. This test was quite embarassing for me. CEO of the Front Team, inspected the size with hands more than one time and inofmed me that it is over sized. Later I was given a chance to reduce the size. Most of the women think about enlarging the size and I was thinking how to reverse it. Any way I managed to do a liposuction surgery and reduced the size according to their requirement.

Here is a Guest Post by Autor: Roselee.Stehle about safe ways to improve the size:

Have you ever thought about bigger breasts but are afraid of surgery and breast implants? Now there are safer methods for natural breast enhancement such as creams, pills, and pumps. How do these breast enhancers work? Today we will review the top options for natural breast enhancement.

Breast Enhancement Creams

The principle behind breast enhancement creams is that they mimic estrogen in the body to promote additional breast tissue. The creams contain plant based ingredients which are similar to estrogen and when applied to breasts stimulate estrogen receptors in mammary glands to produce more breast tissue.

Breast enhancement creams can also help to firm and lift breasts. Familiar skin care ingredients such as aloe vera, almond oil and safflower oil are usually found in breast enlargement creams to smooth and tighten skin. However, breast enhancement creams are not meant to be used alone but with breast enhancement pills. By themselves, they do not deliver optimum results as a combination of pills and cream would.

Breast Enhancement Pills

Breast enhancement pills work similarly to breast enhancement creams in that they mimic estrogen in the body. The pills however are able to provide larger amounts of these estrogen-like compounds into the body and so provide better results. When the body receives these estrogen receptors it prompts mammary glands to create new breast tissue.
The great thing about the pills is that the ingredients are natural and plant based. Since there are not real estrogen hormones, your body will not have the side effects or imbalances that hormone replacements methods offer. Breast enhancement pills seem promising and studies have proven that there are over 70% effective.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are just that: a "pump." The way breast pumps work is simple. You apply the pump to breast and the pump encourages tissue expansion with its vacuum pressure. Over time, this leads to a slight but permanent increase in breast size. The draw backs of the pump is that it must be worn at least 12 hours a day, such as Brava, and offers only 1/4 to 1/2 cup increase in size.

Overall, the most promising of all natural breast enhancement methods are breast enlargement pills and creams. Studies have shown breast pills provide permanent breast size increase and the largest overall gains (as much as a 1.7 cup size increase). With all the dangers of breast implants, natural breast enhancement methods may be the best option today. If breast enlargement pills were more widely accepted and mainstream, it is very possible that many women would not feel the need to undergo costly, complex and dangerous breast implant surgery.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Women Want From Men

What women want from men is usually a lot different than what they say they want. Every young girl, growing up, dreams of a white prince who will sweep her away in a moment, she will fall for him and they will live happily ever after. That prince must be nice, sweet, good looking all the things a man should have. But when it actually comes to attraction, even if you are the nicest man on the earth, good looking and doing every sweet thing you can think of, you will not be successful with women. Accept this as a fact. Women might think they know what they want in a guy, but most often it is quite the opposite.

Remember, women choose who they are attracted to their sub-consciousness that lets them know who is attractive and who is not. Erase everything you have heard from women about what kinds of men are attractive, because probably it is all wrong.

What women really want is a manly man. A real man who controls his own life, a man with passion for living his life, and a man that has fun in all different situations. Women are sub-consciously drawn to men who achieve their own life, know where they are going, are happy with their life and have very few insecurities. Just like men are drawn to pretty women.

I will be more specific, what women want from men is to take care of them emotionally and sexually. Emotions play a big role in female world. Everything that happens to them is conditioned by their emotions. If they dont like you, they will find logical reasons for that, if they do like you, they will find logical reasons for that, even if you are short, bald, fat and poor.

The best way to really find out what women want from men is to try it. Make yourself better, do what you want to do, get some hobbies, make some new friends, work extra hard on your job, start believing you are becoming a better person. Eventually, you will gain value in your own mind and women will see that. Make the best of yourself you can be, dont use tricks and techniques, because sooner or later she will find out you are not who you show others to be.

DonĂ¢€™t try to be a prince, but do try to be the best yourself. What would be the happiest you like? What would you do, what kind of personality would you have, what would your social life be like, your finances¦ this is who you have to strive to be. Make a list of goals you think you can realistically achieve that will improve your life and just do it. Women love men who know what they want and go for it, whatever it is, be passionate and focused. A lot of men dont really know what they want from life and then they complain they dont attract women. If you dont have an interesting life, you yourself wont be interesting. Enjoy your life to the fullest with the woman you want. That is really all what women want from a man.

Author Resource:- Online Dating for Adults Read more from Kayleigh Louise

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Ebook Review on 500 Love Making Tips and Secrets

This is a Guest post by:
Nisa Matthews
"Do you feel like your lovemaking is getting a little stale?If you think your lovemaking has become a bit 'ordinary' or you just want to make it even better than it already is then read the 500 Lovemaking Tips and give your partner moments to remember."

Many couples face lots of stumbling blocks in their sex life. The main challenge remains as how to keep their love making red, hot, and steamy. The passion and newness of your love making is always unforgettable at the early stage of the relationship; however as time goes by, the initial spark subsides, it stays still, and fades. Well, when you try to figure out what will happen next ? It is really hard to get excited again.

So is "500 Love Making Tips and Secrets" by Michael Webb:- the ideal book to bring back the fire and to drive your lover wild in bed ? Well, my boyfriend and I love trying out a lot of ideas that were featured on this ebook, and indeed our love life has turned sizzling hot!

The book starts with a general description on the foundation of the art of lovemaking, with brief topics on various technique and tools on sexuality, and the importance of romance for lovemaking, better oral sex tips, and some juicy information on Kama Sutra. It also contains 16 illustrated lovemaking positions at the back of the book plus a guide. These are all butterfly touches. But, wait a minute, don't miss the boat; the main, main attraction on the whole book is the 500 plus tips that are so enticing.

The advantages features is that it allows you to flip a page and have 8 to 10 tips ready and handy and start to create some fun right away for couples. As you might aware, most men do not have the patience to read through dozens of long winded paragraphs. Everything is formatted "for your eyes only". I don't mean the Bond syndrome, "For your eyes only" is exclusively easy for your eyes to browse through .... This book is certainly an important asset for couples in terms of generating ideas when you're just about to make love at spur-of- the-moment an exhilarating event.

So, curious about the actual tips on your mind?

This is a compilation on the treasure chest of love making ideas. It has 539 tips in all. It ranges from tongue sex tips for both men and women, to games you can play to make your foreplay more fun and more erotic. It also contains tips to make your love making feel unique and better; ways like "coming out of the shower with just a towel and playing with your lover", getting all wet and comfortable with exposing your own body; and even with some places to make love that most people with limited imaginations can stretch beyond their wildest dreams. My boyfriend can say he has found more than enough that is appealing to him. It is recommended that you digest this book several times rather than to consume all in one shot. This book also does not carry any degrading, immoral or perverted ideas that other porn books seem to have.

So, what are you looking for? If your sex life is stagnant, and you got bored with repetitive positions, techniques with your lover, set a positive frame of mind and learn how to ignite fire into your love life, and become a match made in Heaven, this certainly has more than enough tips to carry your love life into variety of journeys.

To summarize the review : This book is the most comprehensive book of tips and ideas on improving love making. Besides covering most aspects of how-to enhancing techniques on passionate love and sex; on igniting the flame between lovebirds, it is truly a " jewel " for those who wants to transform their love lives into higher level of wholesome experiences.

Friday, January 8, 2010


While doing our project work, we got an interesting phone call from one of the major working women hostel . Matron want us to interfere into the personal life of one of her relative girl who is staying with Matron in that hostel. She is working as a call centre employee and her husband working out of India. Being highly relegious, she always afraid to go to Pubs and Night clubs which is often usual among call center employees.

She always wish to stay with her husband, but one the second month of her marriage he left India and able to visit her once in every 12 months. Loneliness was slowly creeping in her.
Once during her duty hours, she got a male voice calling from nearby town asking about some rare books in her shopping cart. She collected his phone number and that was the beginning of a rare relationship discussing about books at first. Both of them started chatting through Gmail. After coming from duty, she go directly to her Pc and mostly he will be there online, waiting for her. The funny thing is that they never used cam , as there was an agreement between them not to use Webcam, but only voice chat.
As per our analysis, the initiative was not from her side. He started discussing about some books like " Lady Chatterley's Lover". Such discussions slowly deviated into the commencement of sex chat. She felt much releif when she do this with that unknown guy. A sort of escapism from the loneliness.

In the beginning it was once a week, later it grew as an everyday chat. She close the door from inside and off clothes while chatting with him. He teach her different ways of getting pleasure out of chat. She became a regular purchaser of banana from the market.

At first, Matron was not watching such changes in  her. But when she noticed it, a rash interrogation brought out all the secrets. The same time , our questinaire  of Project , reached her hands through Event Management Company . Matron call the mobile number of mine immediately and I came to know about all these.
Now our question was there, how to escape her from this addiction of Chat, because closure of such a habit is very important before she visit her hubby next month.

WHETHER WE ARE SUCCESSFULL IN PREVENTING HER ADDICTION......wait for next post for all details

Saturday, January 2, 2010


After my fashion show, I returned to my college to complete the project work. Dr Ayesha was upset on my absense for such a long term. Other three girls of my batch sat together and found a subject for the project work.


We did this project work in a wide manner and decided to complete in three weeks. The modus operandi was quite simple, preparing 20 questions and giving it to targetted groups. Our target groups were

1. College Students ( Aged 19-24 )
2. School Students ( Aged 15-19 )
3. House wives ( Aged 25 to 45 )
4. Executives ( Aged 23 to 43 )
5. Old Men ( Aged above 50 ), those who are using internet atleast 1 hour a day.

We selected 20-50 persons from each group. It was not easy for us to arrange all these and so we demand the help of an "Event Management Company" to distribute the questions and to collect the answers back with extreme secrecy.

The results were very strange to believe.

  • 80 % of college students out of which 60% male and 40% female students do sex chat
  • 20 % of school students do sex chat and others don't know what is that
  • 90% of Housewives do sex chat out of which only 40% below age 30 are doing sex chat in internet
  • 25% of Executives do sex chat
  • 95% of Old men do sex chat 

Various techniques used by people to do sex chat was quite interesting. College students do by mobile, and internet. Girls like to do it mainly with their boy friends where as boys like to do with anyone mostly in night time. School students do such chat with colleagues. House wives depend only on internet, especially during afternoon time, when husband is away from home.Executives usually depend on phone, trying to culture it out in clients. Old men depends only in internet, 99% of them doesn't use voice chat.

We sorted out the reasons behind their fun in doing sex chat

  • Girls feel it safe and secure( No fear of pregnancy, and HIV)
  • Boys feel that will help to make more intimacy in relations
  • Some just do as flirting
  • Housewives, thinking about variety, and safety in chats
  • Executives for fun only
  • Old men trying to wipe out loneliness and sediment sexual feelings inside.
Our conclusion of the report was to BAN CHAT ROOMS IN INTERNET to avoid such an open vulgarism.