Friday, January 8, 2010


While doing our project work, we got an interesting phone call from one of the major working women hostel . Matron want us to interfere into the personal life of one of her relative girl who is staying with Matron in that hostel. She is working as a call centre employee and her husband working out of India. Being highly relegious, she always afraid to go to Pubs and Night clubs which is often usual among call center employees.

She always wish to stay with her husband, but one the second month of her marriage he left India and able to visit her once in every 12 months. Loneliness was slowly creeping in her.
Once during her duty hours, she got a male voice calling from nearby town asking about some rare books in her shopping cart. She collected his phone number and that was the beginning of a rare relationship discussing about books at first. Both of them started chatting through Gmail. After coming from duty, she go directly to her Pc and mostly he will be there online, waiting for her. The funny thing is that they never used cam , as there was an agreement between them not to use Webcam, but only voice chat.
As per our analysis, the initiative was not from her side. He started discussing about some books like " Lady Chatterley's Lover". Such discussions slowly deviated into the commencement of sex chat. She felt much releif when she do this with that unknown guy. A sort of escapism from the loneliness.

In the beginning it was once a week, later it grew as an everyday chat. She close the door from inside and off clothes while chatting with him. He teach her different ways of getting pleasure out of chat. She became a regular purchaser of banana from the market.

At first, Matron was not watching such changes in  her. But when she noticed it, a rash interrogation brought out all the secrets. The same time , our questinaire  of Project , reached her hands through Event Management Company . Matron call the mobile number of mine immediately and I came to know about all these.
Now our question was there, how to escape her from this addiction of Chat, because closure of such a habit is very important before she visit her hubby next month.

WHETHER WE ARE SUCCESSFULL IN PREVENTING HER ADDICTION......wait for next post for all details

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