Saturday, January 2, 2010


After my fashion show, I returned to my college to complete the project work. Dr Ayesha was upset on my absense for such a long term. Other three girls of my batch sat together and found a subject for the project work.


We did this project work in a wide manner and decided to complete in three weeks. The modus operandi was quite simple, preparing 20 questions and giving it to targetted groups. Our target groups were

1. College Students ( Aged 19-24 )
2. School Students ( Aged 15-19 )
3. House wives ( Aged 25 to 45 )
4. Executives ( Aged 23 to 43 )
5. Old Men ( Aged above 50 ), those who are using internet atleast 1 hour a day.

We selected 20-50 persons from each group. It was not easy for us to arrange all these and so we demand the help of an "Event Management Company" to distribute the questions and to collect the answers back with extreme secrecy.

The results were very strange to believe.

  • 80 % of college students out of which 60% male and 40% female students do sex chat
  • 20 % of school students do sex chat and others don't know what is that
  • 90% of Housewives do sex chat out of which only 40% below age 30 are doing sex chat in internet
  • 25% of Executives do sex chat
  • 95% of Old men do sex chat 

Various techniques used by people to do sex chat was quite interesting. College students do by mobile, and internet. Girls like to do it mainly with their boy friends where as boys like to do with anyone mostly in night time. School students do such chat with colleagues. House wives depend only on internet, especially during afternoon time, when husband is away from home.Executives usually depend on phone, trying to culture it out in clients. Old men depends only in internet, 99% of them doesn't use voice chat.

We sorted out the reasons behind their fun in doing sex chat

  • Girls feel it safe and secure( No fear of pregnancy, and HIV)
  • Boys feel that will help to make more intimacy in relations
  • Some just do as flirting
  • Housewives, thinking about variety, and safety in chats
  • Executives for fun only
  • Old men trying to wipe out loneliness and sediment sexual feelings inside.
Our conclusion of the report was to BAN CHAT ROOMS IN INTERNET to avoid such an open vulgarism. 


Hari said...

I think the conclusion of your report is a little harsh. I do not see a lot of difference between such conversations on the internet vs what is going on everyday between partners face to face?

Mystery shopping said...

my boyf is secretly loggin in to chat rooms, they look like chat however some are about hooking up. i think he has an addiction to it, we have a great sex life, I did tell him i knew and he said its really nothing but im concerned, is there a guy out there with this experience to tell me thats its just fun and confused

Sakshi said...

Dear Hari, i accpet your arguement, but most of such chats are not happening between real lovers, its between someone who breaks the rules...i mean 3rd persons...Thanks for comment

sakshi said...

Dear Mystery, Its true , he is almost addicted,, save him, talk with him with an open mind,, dont be rude to him, try to bring him back to u, also, most people we found are using this media for fun only, once they lost interest in one such partner, they migrate to other person..

Community said...

What should I do to make my boyfriend realise that getting involved in flirting and sex chat will harm?

sakshi said...

Dera community, being a psychology student, i can give u number of tips..give him good company in sx, now, he may be finding more pleasure in flrting, so let him feel that real sx is most valuable and more pleasure ful. Then he will come back. Secondly, let him engage in some serious works, never let him stay idle for hours,,, as you know.. LAZY MIND SPROUTS DEVIL. Third point, never hurt him by saying that Chatsx is bad ...just let him deviate his concenteration from imaginary sx to real sx. If no improvemnet, please go for counselling, to a psychologist or a family counsellor. Track the exact reason behind his addiction...IM SURE HE WILL BE BACK TO U


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