Saturday, October 30, 2010


A case was brought into our counselling clinic by one of the famous Orthopaedic Surgeon in Town. The girl is a distant relative of him and the parents were complaining about lack of concentration in studies. We three psychology students had several sessions to explore her problem in detail. Our idea was quite simple. She just crossed 15 years and one of us had to make a deep friendship with her to find the ways to identify her problem. I was told by my superior to be with her off school time. I spent some time with her, without showing that I am a clinical psychology student.
The matter went quite interestingly and first week was quite hope less for me.
I failed to find any boyfriend linking to her, or any sort of deviations in her personal life. Once she go to sleep, I come back to my room and spent hours to identify any clue from her side.
The second week I noticed that her eyes got black colour around, which may probably due to lack of sleep. When I discussed about this with her, then she shout back to me saying that she is having enough sleep. Now, my doubt went to her personal laptop, which she didn't opened in front of me during last few days. When she was in bath room, I opened it and installed a typing detector software. The typing detecting software gave a bundle of details to my email, every week , which clearly showed that she have some relation with a guy who is not in her age, sex and country. He was a computer professional, aged 35 from united states and was chatting with her for a long time. When everybody sleep, that time they chat with each other,and share everything.
They pretend as husband and wife, married through internet. Their cam is active till both of get sufficient pleasure. the duration of chat is almost one hour, depending upon her self pleasure time. 
While going through those chatting details, I have found another shocking truth that, she keep another two or three guys at the same time for the chat game. If her friend exit quickly she move to other guys with open cam. The second shock came to me, when I read the lines that she was typing. The way she treats the male organs was quite unexpected.  She got such an experience in chat that, most boys exit the chat within the first  five or ten minutes after getting pleasured out.
How we saved her from Chat addiction?
The real cause for such a chat addiction was her loneliness. Parents were busy with their job and she was struggling to find a way out of her loneliness. Chatting was quite easy for her to make friends, and one of them  played the concept of "INTERNET MARRIAGE" with her. More details were revealed in her second session of hypnotism. 
We did one counselling to her parents. Later a friendly session for her too. Three months later, we got an email from her that she stopped chatting with others completely. Her voice was very bright and she felt much comfort with the support from her parents.